Tuna Makloubeh


250 g of Basmati Rice
1 Tbsp olive oil
1/2 large onion chopped
250 g of Rio Mare Tuna
1 tsp all spice
1 tsp salt
Crushed black pepper
500 ml (2 cups) chicken stock( hot / simmering away when you need it)
1 small cauliflower chopped/sliced to bitesize pieces and roasted
(Roasted Cauliflower
Arrange the cauliflower pieces (lightly coated with olive oil & seasoned) on a baking sheet, roast for about 20-30 minutes at 180˚C/350˚F.
1/2 eggplant quartered, then diced (chopped into rough cubes)
1/2 courgette (zucchini) quartered, then diced (chopped into rough cubes)
1 red capsicum (bell pepper) chopped into rough cubes
1 medium tomato sliced in rings
To Serve
30 g (1 oz) pine nuts
1 handful fresh parsley chopped
Extra lemon juice to taste

Stampa Ricetta

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Tuna in Olive Oil



    *Rinse and drain the rice and set aside.

    *Heat the olive oil in the saucepan over medium heat.

    *Sauté the onions for about 3-4 minutes.

    *Add Tuna, allspice, salt and quarter – half tsp pepper, stir and slightly brown the tuna all over and cook for about 5 minutes on medium low heat.

    * Transfer the pot to the stovetop. Grease your saucepan of choice and start with the layer/s of tomatoes. Season with salt and pepper.

    *Add the Tuna. Pack it in, flatten, season with salt and pepper.

    *Add the vegetables, pack it in, season with salt and pepper.

    *Finally the rice, pack, flatten, season with salt and pepper.

    *Take a small saucer, place it face down on the rice (or use the back of a large spoon), and pour all the stock in.

    *Place the pot on the stovetop, turn the heat on high for about 3 minutes to bring everything up to simmering point .

    *Put the lid on, turn the heat right down and cook for about 30 - 45 minutes. After that time, if you think the rice isn’t done, another 5-10 minutes should suffice.

    Take a large plate or serving platter, place it over the pot, turn it upside down, inverting the rice onto the platter.

    * Add to taste extra 160 g of Tuna, scatter with pine nuts and parsley and serve with a lemon sauce / juice to taste.

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