Tuna and Cauliflower Croquettes

Time: 30 min



  • 1          cauliflower 
  • 1          160g can of Rio Mare tuna in olive oil
  • 1          sprig of chives
  • ½         garlic clove
  • 50        gram grated Pecorino cheese
  • 1          egg
  • milk, as needed
  • black pepper
  • breadcrumbs
  • peanut oil, for frying
  • sea salt


Wash, clean and boil cauliflower in salted water. 
Drain the Rio Mare Tuna from oil, and flake with a fork gently.
Mash the cauliflower with a fork, until almost puréed, and mix with flaked tuna. 
Chop chives and garlic, mix with grated cheese and add to cauliflower. 
Add lightly beaten egg, a few spoons of milk and a sprinkling of ground pepper. 
Let rest and cool in the fridge for half an hour.
Shape the mixture into small patties, coat with breadcrumbs and fry in a generous amount of boiling oil until golden.
Place croquettes on a paper towel to dry excessive fat.



Place warm croquettes in a cone of wax paper, like the ones sold at street stalls. 
Sprinkle with coarse salt and serve immediately.

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Chef's Tip

The croquettes must be creamy inside but crispy and golden on the outside. To achieve this, it is necessary to fry them in boiling peanut oil, at a temperature of about 180°C: at this temperature you’ll have crisp food, with breading that sticks but is moist and juicy inside.

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