Discover the origins of your tuna

Product traceability, a transparent commitment.

 The tuna that reaches the tables of millions of consumers, both in Italy and abroad, has a story behind it. A real biography, starting from its origins right up to the time that it reaches the counters of mass retailers.

This biography is ‘written’ on each can  so that the consumer is informed from the time that the fish is caught to the moment  it is processed, canned and sterilized. We never ‘lose sight’ of our tuna. On the trawlers, at the factory, in the laboratories where tests and analyses of all types are carried out on the product, the tuna travels with a tag, indicating its name, surname and address: we know the ocean where it originated, and on which trawler it travelled and to which lot, dispatched at the factory, it belonged, in which can it is found and in which box the can was contained.
 In the event of defects being found in any one specimen, this enables us to trace other similar defects, using the same procedure, in order to  remedy the situation. Likewise, it enables us to evaluate, at any time whatsoever, the quality of the work performed by this or that supplier across the production chain.

Thanks to this online service, by following a few, quick steps, you can ask for information about the origin of the fish used in any Rio Mare can, starting from 1 January 2010.  To enter a request, it is important to have the can at hand to obtain the necessary data to trace the origin of the product purchased. You will receive an answer with 24/48 working hours.


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