Precious Resources

A goldmine of proteins. 

Thanks to its high protein content, 100g  of drained tuna provides approximately one tenth of the total daily protein requirement of a healthy adult. Easily assimilated,the so-called ‘NOBLE’ proteins are essential to help build and repair tissue, ensuring that you stay healthy and fit through cellular exchange.
100 gr. of tuna in olive oil contains 18.5g of proteins, more than the amount found in a fresh steak of the same weight. Bear in mind that an adult requires the same amount of proteins as his/her body weight in kilos daily. There can be no doubt that tuna is the ideal solution to guarantee a well-balanced, healthy and light diet. Since our tuna does not contain any connective tissue, making it easier to digest, it can be eaten, without any problems, by both children and older adults.   

The proteins of some fish are also particularly rich in arginine, the amino acid that the body uses to synthesize Nitroxide (NO), responsible for efficient vascular functioning and protection of the arterial vessels against atherosclerosis. Some small peptides also have an anti-oxidant effect. 

The benefits of phosphorous
Next to calcium,  phosphorous is an essential mineral. These two nutrients work closely together to build strong bones and teeth. Phosphorous plays an essential role in controlling the balance of the nervous system. To guarantee the correct intake of phosphorous, nutritionists recommend a daily intake of 800 milligrams. 100 gr. of tuna in olive oil guarantees around 20% of the recommended intake. Tuna is the most phosphorous-rich species of all fish.