Eat healthily: tuna is a good choice!

You love the taste of tuna in olive oil but would you prefer it to have fewer calories and fat?  Rio Mare light is the perfect tuna for you!

Our Research & Development expert tells us the following:
In our traditional products, canned in olive oil or extra virgin olive oil (whether canned fish or vegetables), the oil used to cover the product has two functions:
- to saturate the product in order to soften it and give it its distinct flavour and to protect the product from oxidation caused by oxygen in the air.

In Rio Mare light, this protective action, traditionally achieved by adding oil, is performed using a mixture of gas that contains no oxygen for food processing . Alternatively, this softening process  takes place with the addition of a small amount of extra virgin olive oil,  guaranteeing a unique flavour although used in smaller amounts.

Thanks to this formula Rio Mare light contains a negligible amount of extra virgin olivie oil compared to our more traditional canned product ,and can thus be described as ‘light’ (Light) because it contains less than 30% of fat*.  

* compared to average drained weight and average fat content for best selling tuna products in Tuna in oil (olive oil and extra virgin olive oil) category - Sales data: Symphony  IRI Group