Rio Mare Tuna: practical and versatile

Canned fish is a valid alternative to fresh fish. It guarantees an equivalent nutritional value to fresh fish,  does not contain preservatives and is scrupulously controlled. Canned fish is a nutrient rich in components that are essential for your health: noble proteins, phosphorous, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.

Fish proteins are referred to as being ‘Noble’ because they are rich in all types of amino acids, essential constituents for our bodies that enable usto stay healthy and fit. Nutritionists recommend eating at least two servings of fish per week and an individual intake of at least 300g per week

Tuna, a goldmine of protein

Protein is essential to stay healthy and fit because it helps build tissue and encourages cellular exchange. 100g of drained tuna in olive oil contains 24g of protein, more than a steak weighing exactly the same amount. Next to calcium,  phosphorous is a mineral that is essential to our bodies . These two nutrients work closely together to build strong bones and teeth. 100 g of tuna in olive oil guarantees around 20% of our needs in phosphorous. Tuna is one of the most nutrient-rich fish species because it contains unsaturated fats, which help keep cholesterol levels in check and facilitate the absorption of vital vitamins.

Tuna provides two types of vitamins: vitamin B12 which helps metabolic and nervous system functionings, and vitamin PP, (Niacine) which is good for the skin. 100g of tuna in olive oil guarantees approximately half the necessary daily intake of vitamin PP, almost double that found in beef.

Tuna, like salmon and ‘blue fish’, is also rich in Omega 3 fatty acids that not only help prevent cardiovascular diseases but are  essential for cognitive development.