Our goals

So Good

So Good is the slogan that welcomes Kevin Costner, Rio Mare’s new brand ambassador! This fun game, which can be played directly on our website and accessed via Facebook, involves a stroll through the beauties of Amalfi, in discovery of the star’s films with questions and short quizzes.


The famous “Voulez-vous Paté avec moi?” claim is introduced to the media, and “Rio Mare’s Tuna Steak” is launched into the market. Its flavour and firm texture are the result of a special method of pressure cooking.


Launch of Rio Mare snack, subsequently re-branded Rio Mare Paté.


Launch of Rio Mare Salmon Fillet.


The Tuna in Olive Oil campaign entitled “Mari Aperti” becomes the best-remembered and the most widely aired campaign.


The first advertising campaign on Rio Mare Salatuna.


The first foreign country where Rio Mare is distributed is Greece.


Rio Mare becomes a market leader in Italy.


Founding of Trinity Alimentari S.p.A., now re-named Bolton Alimentari S.P.A. Cermenate (Como) is chosen as the site to build what will later become the largest Tuna-processing plant in Europe.


Osama El Sayed, the celebrity TV chef known to millions of viewers across the Middle East and beyond, is the new face of Rio Mare. In this campaign, Chef Osama provides recipes that merge the inimitable quality of Rio Mare products, the undisputed leader in taste and in the variety of tuna products, with an innovative Arabic twist on some of the most popular and loved dishes.


Alessandro Gassmann, one of Italy’s most popular and best-known actors, is the new face of Rio Mare. The campaign, in which he features, is a celebration of the unmistakable taste and quality of Rio Mare products, the ultimate must-haves on Italian tables for the past 50 years, and an expression, both at home and abroad, of healthy eating for the whole family. The magnificent backdrop of the Amalfi Coast as a set, with its crystalline waters and its simple, authentic lifestyle, perfectly conveys the image of the Rio Mare world.


Kevin Costner, Hollywood star and Oscar winner, known worldwide for his unforgettable roles, is the new international face of Rio Mare. Kevin Costner plays himself, a foreign celebrity who has moved to Amalfi where he has the locals gawping. It is during his return to real life that he discovers what really counts: the pleasure of spending time with friends, a love of the sea and its offerings. Rio Mare products are the ideal companions to organize festive parties in the company of friends.

our new millennium

Set to the irresistible tune of ‘Voulez-vous Patè avec moi?’, Rio Mare Patè conquers the market. The search for authenticity and innovation distinguishes the brand’s latest offers for increasingly discerning palates: ‘Rio Mare Tuna Fillets’ hand-processed and pressure-cooked, and “Rio Mare Tuna Steak”.

Our 90's

Spread the word! Fish is healthy. Lots of noble proteins and only a few, really healthy fats including precious Omega 3 essential fatty acids, of which tuna, salmon and mackerel have an extremely high content. Rio Mare treats gourmets and health fanatics to the best of both worlds with its latest offerings: Salmon Fillets and Mackerel Fillets. Rio Mare Snack (now Paté), the first spreadable fish in a tube, is launched: a snack revolution.

Our 80's

Rio Mare responds to the need to give tuna new and different flavours. Rio Mare Tuna in Brine and Rio Mare Tuna in Extra Virgin Olive Oil are launched. Italian habits change: more time is spent outside the home and less in the kitchen. To beat the monotony of meals which are always the same, Rio Mare indulges consumers with the fantasy of its Salatuna.

Our 70's

The quality of Rio Mare tuna wins over consumers and becomes a staple item on families shopping lists. It is introduced into pantries and tucked into picnic baskets. In pasta or salads? It doesn’t really matter. What counts is its exquisite taste which appeals to old and young alike. Rio Mare became a leading brand in the Italian market and began to make a name for itself abroad.

Our 60's

Caught up in an economic boom, Italians begin to look towards a more modern, practical way of life, especialy at mealtimes, without compromising on quality or taste. Rio Mare hits the bull’s eye straight away! Beginning with its famous pink can that over the years becomes Italy’s product of choice. Canned Tuna in Oil is introduced. Not only does it evoke the taste of the sea but it breaks new ground with its firm yet tender texture: tuna that is so tender that it can be cut with a breadstick!